Real-Time Crop Monitoring Solution

The Rapid Crop Performance Analyzer (RCPA) is a real-time crop monitoring system that delivers critical data on plant stressors and contaminants with greater accuracy, precision, and speed than anything on the market.

Cutting-edge multispectral imaging techniques

Using visible, near-infrared, and deep ultraviolet (UVC) multispectral imaging, the Biospection RCPA can detect plant stressors well before the human eye can see them. When a plant is stressed, it cannot photosynthesize sunlight into oxygen and sugars. Instead, the plant emits the energy it cannot use to prevent damage. We employ proprietary fluorescence emission methods to characterize plants and their health status. Our device captures fluorescence in different ranges of wavelengths, allowing for an improved understanding of plant stress.

The images on the left are two soybean leaves, taken with a standard RGB camera (one that creates a color image that replicates normal human vision). To the naked eye, these plants both appear healthy. However, when you view the same leaves using the Biospection RCPA, we can see that the plant on the right is stressed because it is emitting more light.

Plant health technology designed for indoor growers

Engineered to address the specific challenges of indoor farming, the RCPA is a compact device that fits between the grow lights and plants. It moves across the growth bed independently, optimizes location to improve image quality, and takes rapid sequential photos.

Fast, all-in-one plant health analysis

In 10-15 seconds, our unique crop monitoring imager captures and reports data about water, nutrient, photosynthesis, pathogen, and pest status, as well as A. tumefaciens status and production yields at the same time—quickly moving on to the next plant. 

Real-time alerts before it’s too late

The Biospection RCPA alerts growers to the stressor type and amounts 5 to 6 days sooner than traditional methods like benchtop analyzers or sensor-based drones. This earlier detection can cut production losses by half. 

Greater accuracy for smarter remediation

Our crop monitoring technology provides 3 to 5 times better precision than existing tools because of our proprietary multispectral and UV imaging methods. The device delivers uniform illumination intensity, has reduced calibration needs, a high signal-to-noise rate, and doesn’t disrupt the plant environment.

Biotic and abiotic stressor detection

Biospection’s RCPA can predict both abiotic and biotic types of plant stressors as well as changes in foliar bacteria concentration and protein production. For example, growers can quickly identify highly problematic molds like pithium, environmental stressors like drought damage, as well as pests and pathogens like E.Coli, listeria, and salmonella.

Autonomous, portable device

The Biospection RCPA can be employed through robotics or be hand-held for plant inspection to ensure no interference with the plant. The device will comply with all GMP and FDA requirements.

Customized models for each growing operation

Every controlled environment agriculture (CEA) operation has a different way of building its growing environment and delivering nutrients, light, and water to the plants. These variations impact how the plant will react photosynthetically and spatially. Our sampling methods and plant AI models take this into account, generating accurate plant predictions as well as highly useful engineering modifications specific to each grower operation.

Convenient interface

Biospection is developing a portable tablet for the operator. Users can view the data in real-time, diagnose the problem through our predictive models, and investigate the exact growth bed for immediate remediation. 

Graphic of the Biospection crop monitoring system Graphic of the Biospection crop monitoring solution

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