About Biospection

Biospection develops cutting-edge optical measurement tools to help growers, agriculturalists, and scientists understand and maximize crop yields for the production of safe and healthy food, medicine, and materials. We’re taking precision agriculture to the next level.

Innovative imaging methods produce real-time insights 

Through new multispectral imaging and deep ultraviolet (UVC) sensing techniques, Biospection delivers the fastest and most accurate scientific data about plant health in real-time. Our early insights help growers diagnose plant stressors and contamination to preserve crop yields and ensure food safety. We can also uncover engineering improvements to boost efficiencies and reduce safety risks. 

A magnifying glass held above a leaf

Solutions for today’s most pressing agricultural challenges

Biospection’s patent-pending Rapid Crop Performance Analyzer (RCPA) is designed for indoor farming companies producing food and biopharmaceuticals. This portable device not only detects plant health and stress but also changes in foliar bacteria concentrations and protein production, making it both efficient and ideal for controlled agriculture environments.

From scientific breakthrough to real-world impact

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Biospection with a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) / Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I grant. Known as America’s Seed Fund, this prestigious program supports small businesses with groundbreaking scientific discoveries. The NSF grant, along with other funding, helps us scale to commercial products and services.

Biospection pairs scientific expertise with a passion for sustainability 

Dr. Anthony Ragone founded Biospection after spending 35 years at DuPont, with his last decade focused on Engineering R&D for biotech businesses. While he’s passionate about innovations in plant health analysis, spend any time talking to Dr. Ragone, and you’ll soon realize that what drives him is a commitment to leaving a better world behind—one with sustainable sources of food and medicine for everyone. We’re building a team of staff, advisors, and collaborators who share this vision.